₹ 267 - ₹ 281
25-Jun-2024 - 27-Jun-2024
₹ 14893.00



25-Jun-2024 - 27-Jun-2024

₹ 267 - ₹ 281

Price Band

₹ 14893.00

Minimum Investment


Bid Lot



IPO Details

Fresh Issue of Equity Shares aggregating upto Rs.1,000 Cr and Offer for Sale of Equity Shares aggregating upto Rs. 500 Cr

Category % Shares/Amount
QIB 50% 26,637,010 Shares Rs.748.50 Cr
HNI 1 5% 2,663,701 Shares Rs.74.85 Cr @ 3590 Form 1X
HNI 2 10% 5,327,402 Shares Rs.149.70 Cr @ 7180 Form 1X
Retail 35% 18,645,907 Shares Rs.523.95 Cr @ 351810 Form 1X
Employee 0% 117,647 Shares Rs.3.00 Cr

BRLMs: ICICI Securities, Nuvama Wealth, ITI Capital

Application Require for 1 Time

Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) HNI (Above 10 Lakh)
351810 Form 1X 3590 Form 1X 7180 Form 1X

IPO Lot Size

Category Lots Shares Amount
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 1 53 ₹ 14,893
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 13 689 ₹ 193,609
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 14 742 ₹ 208,502
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 67 3551 ₹ 997,831
B-HNI (Above 10 Lakh) 68 3604 ₹ 1,012,724

IPO Timeline

  • Open Date

  • Close Date

  • Basis of Allotment Date

  • Initiation of Refunds

  • Credit Shares to Demat A/c

  • IPO Listing Date


Subscription as on
27-Jun-2024 15:54

Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 10,654,804 ₹ 299.40 Cr. 543,250,318 ₹ 15265.33 Cr. 50.99x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 2,663,701 ₹ 74.85 Cr. 58,996,685 ₹ 1657.81 Cr. 22.15x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 5,327,402 ₹ 149.70 Cr. 211,303,050 ₹ 5937.62 Cr. 39.66x
RETAIL 18,645,907 ₹ 523.95 Cr. 81,834,279 ₹ 2299.54 Cr. 4.39x
EMP 117,647 ₹ 3.31 Cr. 1,152,114 ₹ 32.37 Cr. 9.79x
Total 37,409,461 896,536,446 23.97x
Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 10,654,804 ₹ 299.40 Cr. 543,250,318 ₹ 15265.33 Cr. 50.99x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 2,663,701 ₹ 74.85 Cr. 58,996,685 ₹ 1657.81 Cr. 22.15x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 5,327,402 ₹ 149.70 Cr. 211,303,050 ₹ 5937.62 Cr. 39.66x
RETAIL 18,645,907 ₹ 523.95 Cr. 81,834,279 ₹ 2299.54 Cr. 4.39x
EMP 117,647 ₹ 3.31 Cr. 1,152,114 ₹ 32.37 Cr. 9.79x
Total 37,409,461 896,536,446 23.97x

*Excluding Anchor

Total No. of Application Approx : ~1325956 (3.77 Appwise)

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About Company

  • Incorporated on October 8, 2008, Allied Blenders and Distillers (“ABDL”) is the largest Indian-owned Indian-made foreign liquor (“IMFL”) company and the 3rd largest IMFL company in India, in terms of annual sales volumes between Fiscal 2014 and Fiscal 2022 and had estimated market share (in terms of sales volume) of 11.8% in the Indian whisky market for Fiscal 2023. Their product range includes 5 main categories: Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Vodka and others.

  • Company’s flagship brand, Officer’s Choice Whisky was launched in 1988 with their entry into the mass premium whisky segment. Officer’s Choice Whisky has been among the top selling whisky brands globally in terms of annual sales volumes between 2016 and 2019. Officer’s Choice Whisky including Officer’s Choice Blue is currently ranked 3rd among the largest selling whisky brands globally in 2021

  • As of December 31, 2023, their product portfolio comprised 16 major brands of IMFL across whisky, brandy, rum and vodka. Certain of their brands, such as, Officer’s Choice WhiskySterling Reserve, Officer’s Choice Blue and ICONiQ Whisky, are ‘Millionaire Brands’ or brands that have sold over a million 9-litre cases in 1 year.

  • Their whisky brands include blends of Scotch malts from the Highland, Lowland and Speyside regions.

  • The company owns and operate their distillery located in Rangapur, Telangana. Their manufacturing network includes 1 owned distillery, 9 owned bottling units and 23 non-owned manufacturing units.

  • The company has established market leadership in the alcoholic beverages market in India with sales across 30 States and Union Territories, as of December 31, 2023. They have 12 sales support offices and pan-India route-to-market capabilities covering all channels and alcohol permitted States and Union Territories.

  • As of March 31, 2023, their products were retailed across 79,329 outlets in India. In addition, as of December 31, 2023, they exported their products to 14 international markets, including countries in the Middle East, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

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Competitive Strength 

  • Among the largest IMFL companies in India with a diversified and contemporary product portfolio;

  • Strong brand recognition;

  • Strategically located, large scale and advanced manufacturing facilities with a sophisticated research and development centre

  • Access to extensive pan-India distribution network with ability to scale

  • Well positioned to capture tailwinds in the Indian IMFL industry

  • Experienced Board and senior management team and supported by a committed employee base.

Business Strategies 

  • Increase market share of Officer’s Choice Whisky across regions; 

  • Introduce new products within the premium, semi-premium and deluxe segments to strengthen presence in other categories

  • Continue to focus on improving operating efficiencies

  • Evaluate growth opportunities through selective acquisitions

  • Focus on environmental and social practices

  • Enhance brand awareness and engagement through digital marketing

Company Promoters

Kishore Rajaram Chhabria is a Chairman and Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Company. Bina Kishore Chhabria is a Non-Executive Director and Co-Chairperson on the Board of the company. Resham Chhabria Jeetendra Hemdev is a Whole-Time Director (Vice Chairperson) on the Board of the company. Shekhar Ramamurthy is a Whole-Time Director (Executive Deputy Chairman) on the Board of the company. Alok Gupta is a Managing Director on the Board of the company. Maneck Navel Mulla is a Non-Inde

Company Financials

Allied Blenders and Distillers Limited's revenue decreased by -1.27% and profit after tax (PAT) rose by 8.47% between the financial year ending with March 31, 2023 and March 31, 2022.

Period Ended 31 Dec 2023 31 Mar 2023 31 Mar 2022 31 Mar 2021
Assets 2,741.39 2,487.70 2,248.35 2,298.57
Revenue 5,914.98 7,116.75 7,208.17 6,397.81
Profit After Tax 4.23 1.60 1.48 2.51
Net Worth 409.26 406.10 404.10 381.78
Reserves and Surplus 360.43 357.28 356.99 327.85
Total Borrowing 798.11 780.82 846.91 954.74
Amount in ? Crore

Objects of the Issue

The Company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds towards funding the following objects:

  1. Prepayment or scheduled repayment of a portion of certain outstanding borrowings availed by the Company and
  2. General corporate purposes.

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