₹ 960 - ₹ 1008
03-Jul-2024 - 05-Jul-2024
₹ 14112.00



03-Jul-2024 - 05-Jul-2024

₹ 960 - ₹ 1008

Price Band

₹ 14112.00

Minimum Investment


Bid Lot


  • Face Value - ₹ 10/- Per Share

  • Listing at NSE,BSE

  • 481,654 Application Required in Retail for 1 Time.

  • Registrar : Link Intime India Private Ltd

IPO Details

Fresh Issue aggregating to Rs. 800 Cr and Offer For Sale of Up to 11,428,839 Equity Shares

Category % Shares/Amount
QIB 50% 9,633,084 Shares Rs.971.01 Cr
HNI 1 5% 963,308 Shares Rs.97.10 Cr @ 4587 Form 1X
HNI 2 10% 1,926,617 Shares Rs.194.20 Cr @ 9174 Form 1X
Retail 35% 6,743,160 Shares Rs.679.71 Cr @ 481654 Form 1X

BRLMs: Axis Capital, Kotak Mahindra Capital, Jefferies India, J. P. Morgan India

Application Require for 1 Time

Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) HNI (Above 10 Lakh)
481654 Form 1X 4587 Form 1X 9174 Form 1X

IPO Lot Size

Category Lots Shares Amount
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 1 14 ₹ 14,112
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 14 196 ₹ 197,568
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 15 210 ₹ 211,680
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 70 980 ₹ 987,840
B-HNI (Above 10 Lakh) 71 994 ₹ 1,001,952

IPO Timeline

  • Open Date

  • Close Date

  • Basis of Allotment Date

  • Initiation of Refunds

  • Credit Shares to Demat A/c

  • IPO Listing Date


Subscription as on
05-Jul-2024 16:27

Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 3,853,234 ₹ 388.41 Cr. 736,891,932 ₹ 74278.71 Cr. 191.24x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 963,308 ₹ 97.10 Cr. 36,519,574 ₹ 3681.17 Cr. 37.91x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 1,926,617 ₹ 194.20 Cr. 105,770,490 ₹ 10661.67 Cr. 54.90x
RETAIL 6,743,160 ₹ 679.71 Cr. 48,568,772 ₹ 4895.73 Cr. 7.20x
Total 13,486,319 927,750,768 68.79x
Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 3,853,234 ₹ 388.41 Cr. 736,891,932 ₹ 74278.71 Cr. 191.24x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 963,308 ₹ 97.10 Cr. 36,519,574 ₹ 3681.17 Cr. 37.91x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 1,926,617 ₹ 194.20 Cr. 105,770,490 ₹ 10661.67 Cr. 54.90x
RETAIL 6,743,160 ₹ 679.71 Cr. 48,568,772 ₹ 4895.73 Cr. 7.20x
Total 13,486,319 927,750,768 68.79x

*Excluding Anchor

Total No. of Application Approx : ~2655123 (5.51 Appwise)

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About Company

  • The Company was incorporated as ‘Emcure Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd’ in 1981. Subsequently, the Company was converted into a public company and the name of the Company was changed to ‘Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd’, in 2001. Emcure Pharmaceuticals is engaged in developing, manufacturing and globally marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products across several major therapeutic areas.
  • The company is a research and development driven company with a differentiated product portfolio including orals, injectables and biotherapeutics. The company is focused on pharmaceutical products used in chronic (including sub-chronic) therapeutic areas.
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals is the 13th largest pharmaceutical company in India in terms of Domestic Sales for Moving Annual Total (MAT) FY24, and the 4th largest pharmaceutical company by market share in its Covered Markets in terms of Domestic Sales for MAT FY24. Further, the company is the largest pharmaceutical company in the gynecology and human immunodeficiency virus (“HIV”) antivirals therapeutic areas in India in terms of Domestic Sales for MAT FY24.
  • As of March 31, 2024, the company had filed over 1,800 dossiers globally including 209 in the European Union and 142 in Canada. Further, as of March 31, 2024, the company had been granted 220 patents and had 30 pending patent applications in several countries and had submitted 102 drug master files (“DMFs”) for APIs with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“USFDA”).
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals has a strong focus in the women’s healthcare market, and it is a market leader in the gynecology therapeutic area in the IPM, with a 13.53% market share, in terms of Domestic Sales for MAT FY24. The company’s market share was 1.70 times the market share of the next largest competitor in this therapeutic area in the IPM.
  • The company has 13 manufacturing facilities across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Sikkim and Karnataka and the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in India. The company’s facilities are capable of producing pharmaceutical products of a wide range of dosage forms, including oral solids, oral liquids, injectables, including complex injectables such as liposomal and lyophilized injectables, biotherapeutics and complex APIs, including chiral molecules, iron molecules and cytotoxic products.
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Competitive Strength 

  • Well-placed to leverage the position in the domestic market
  • Demonstrated Capabilities of Building Brands
  • Large, Diversified and Fast-Growing Product Portfolio in International Markets
  • Strong R&D capabilities driving differentiated portfolio of products
  • Extensive and Diversified Manufacturing Capacity
  • Highly Qualified, Experienced and Entrepreneurial Management Team and Board

 Business Strategies 

  • Increase the market share in the domestic market
  • Continue to invest in research & development and manufacturing capabilities to enhance and grow the differentiated product portfolio
  • Deepen and expand the international presence with a focused go-to-market approach
  • Pursue Strategic Acquisitions, Partnerships and In-Licensing Arrangements

Company Promoters

Berjis Minoo Desai is the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of the Company. Satish Ramanlal Mehta is the MD & CEO of the Company. Sunil Rajanikant Mehta is a Whole-time Director of the Company. Namita Vikas Thapar is a Whole-time Director of the Company. Samit Satish Mehta is a Whole-time Director of the Company. Mukund Keshao Gurjar is a Whole-time Director of the Company. Samonnoi Banerjee is a Non-Executive Director of the Company. Palamadai Sundararajan Jayakumar is an Independen

Company Financials

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited's revenue increased by 11.33% and profit after tax (PAT) dropped by -6.1% between the financial year ending with March 31, 2024 and March 31, 2023.

Period Ended 31 Mar 2024 31 Mar 2023 31 Mar 2022
Assets 7,806.16 6,672.53 6,063.47
Revenue 6,715.24 6,031.72 5,918.86
Profit After Tax 527.58 561.85 702.56
Net Worth 2,952.28 2,501.13 1,987.55
Reserves and Surplus 2,722.40 2,293.77 1,791.03
Total Borrowing 2,091.94 2,202.42 2,102.19
Amount in ? Crore

Objects of the Issue

The Company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds towards funding the following objects:

  • Repayment and/ or prepayment of all or a portion of certain outstanding borrowings availed by the company; and
  • General corporate purposes

How to Apply

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  • Step 01 :

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  • Step 02 :

    Under IPO Section, you will be able to see a list of Ongoing IPOs, where you can click on apply button.

  • Step 03 :

    Add quantity of shares to apply – Maximum 3 bids are allowed (For retail category – max amount Rs.2,00,000/-).

  • Step 04 :

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  • Step 05 :

    Once you accept the mandate, Application is submitted successful.

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  • Any bid can be at a desired price or cut off price given by the company.

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  • If the share aren’t allotted the blocked funds will reflect back into your account.

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