₹ 141 - ₹ 151
13-Feb-2024 - 15-Feb-2024
₹ 14949.00



13-Feb-2024 - 15-Feb-2024

₹ 141 - ₹ 151

Price Band

₹ 14949.00

Minimum Investment


Bid Lot


  • Face Value - ₹ 10/- Per Share

  • Listing at NSE BSE

  • 16,793 Application Required in Retail for 1 Time.

  • Registrar : KFin Technologies Limited

IPO Details

Fresh Issue of Equity Shares aggregating upto Rs. 72.17 Cr

Category % Shares/Amount
QIB 50% 2,374,971 Shares Rs.35.86 Cr
HNI 1 5% 237,497 Shares Rs.3.59 Cr @ 171 Form 1X
HNI 2 10% 474,995 Shares Rs.7.17 Cr @ 343 Form 1X
Retail 35% 1,662,480 Shares Rs. 25.10 Cr @ 16793 Form 1X
Employee 0% 29,503 Shares Rs.0.45 Cr

Khambatta Securities

Application Require for 1 Time

Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) HNI (Above 10 Lakh)
16793 Form 1X 171 Form 1X 343 Form 1X

IPO Lot Size

Category Lots Shares Amount
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 1 99 ₹ 14,949
Retail (Upto 2 Lakh) 13 1287 ₹ 194,337
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 14 1386 ₹ 209,286
S-HNI (2 Lakh to 10 Lakh) 66 6534 ₹ 986,634
B-HNI (Above 10 Lakh) 67 6633 ₹ 1,001,583

IPO Timeline

  • Open Date

  • Close Date

  • Basis of Allotment Date

  • Initiation of Refunds

  • Credit Shares to Demat A/c

  • IPO Listing Date


Subscription as on
15-Feb-2024 14:40

Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 949,989 ₹ 14.34 Cr. 103,619,835 ₹ 1564.66 Cr. 109.07x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 237,497 ₹ 3.59 Cr. 156,699,774 ₹ 2366.17 Cr. 659.80x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 474,995 ₹ 7.17 Cr. 286,645,491 ₹ 4328.35 Cr. 603.47x
RETAIL 1,662,480 ₹ 25.10 Cr. 286,089,507 ₹ 4319.95 Cr. 172.09x
EMP 29,503 ₹ 0.45 Cr. 5,222,745 ₹ 78.86 Cr. 177.02x
Total 3,354,464 838,277,352 249.90x
Category Book Size Subscription No. of Times
QIB 949,989 ₹ 14.34 Cr. 103,619,835 ₹ 1564.66 Cr. 109.07x
HNI (<10 LAKH) 237,497 ₹ 3.59 Cr. 156,699,774 ₹ 2366.17 Cr. 659.80x
HNI2 (>10 LAKH) 474,995 ₹ 7.17 Cr. 286,645,491 ₹ 4328.35 Cr. 603.47x
RETAIL 1,662,480 ₹ 25.10 Cr. 286,089,507 ₹ 4319.95 Cr. 172.09x
EMP 29,503 ₹ 0.45 Cr. 5,222,745 ₹ 78.86 Cr. 177.02x
Total 3,354,464 838,277,352 249.90x

*Excluding Anchor

Total No. of Application Approx : ~2231069 (132.86 Appwise)

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About Company

  • Vibhor Steel Tubes was incorporated as ‘‘Vibhor Steel Tubes Private Limited’ on April 16, 2003, and subsequently converted to public company, on June 14, 2023. Vibhor Steel Tubes Ltd is a 2-decade old manufacturer and exporter of Mild Steel/Carbon Steel ERW Black and Galvanized Pipes, Hallow Steel Pipe, Cold rolled Steel (CR) Strips/ Coils. The company manufactures, exports and supplies steel pipes and tubes to various heavy engineering industries in India.

  • Vibhor Steel Tubes is working with Jindal Pipes Ltd since 2003 and manufacture & supply the finished goods for “Jindal Pipes Ltd”, under the brand name “Jindal Star”. The company has a long-term agreement for the 6 years with the Jindal. Under the agreement Jindal will provide orders with a minimum quantity of 1,00,000 MT per annum.

  • The company’s manufacturing units are strategically located. The Unit I is located at located Raigad, Maharashtra, suitable for export sales. Unit II is located 70 kms from Hyderabad close to Jadcherla industrial area. This proximity enables ease of logistics, power, water supply and raw materials.

  • The annualized installed capacity of the two manufacturing units is 221,000 MT. Further, the company is setting up a new facility i.e. Unit III at Orissa with a capacity of 120,000 MT, which will lead to an increase in capacity to 341,000 MT by Fiscal 2025.

  • The company follows international standard manufacturing practises, and the Manufacturing Facility benefits from the quality benchmarking certifications such as (i) ISO 9001:2015 for manufacturing & supply of ERW Steel Pipes and (ii) IS 1239:2004, IS 3601:2006, IS 3589:2001 from Bureau of Indian Standards.

  • The company’s Revenues from Operations have grown at CAGR of ~47.6% between Fiscal 21-23 to ? 1,113.12 cr and the EBITDA Margins have improved from 3.91% to 4.21% and PAT increased from ? 0.69 Cr to ? 21.07 Cr, during the same period. The company’s Net Debt has increased to ? 126.83 Cr in Fiscal 2023 vs. ? 58.74 Cr in Fiscal 2021. For 6 months ended September 30,2023 the company reported Revenues from Operations of ? 530.51 Cr, EBITDA Margins at 4.47% and PAT of ? 8.52 Cr, while the Net Debt stood at ? 160.27 Cr.

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Competitive Strength 

  • Association with Jindal Pipes;

  • Strategic location of manufacturing Units;

  • Experienced Promoters and senior management team;

  • International Accreditations;

  • Export of finished goods;

  • Well-developed distribution and marketing network;

  • Integrated manufacturing facility

Business Strategies 

  • Expanding footprint in international market;
  • Continue to enhance core strengths by attracting, retaining, and training qualified personnel;
  • Continue to improve operating efficiencies through technology enhancements;
  • Strengthen the Goodwill.

Company Promoters

Mr. Vijay Kaushik is the Chairman and Director of the company. Mr. Vibhor Kaushik, is the Promoter and Managing Director of the Company. Ms. Vijay Laxmi Kaushik is a Whole Time Director of the Company. Ms. Pratima Sandhir is the Whole Time Director of the Company. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Rai is the Executive Director of the Company. Mr. Shiv Kumar Singhal is the Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company. Mr. Abhiram Tayal, is the Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company. Mr. San

Company Financials

Vibhor Steel Tubes Limited's revenue increased by 36.15% and profit after tax (PAT) rose by 85.91% between the financial year ending with March 31, 2023 and March 31, 2022.

Period Ended 30 Sep 2023 31 Mar 2023 31 Mar 2022 31 Mar 2021
Assets 376.48 293.63 248.54 172.93
Revenue 531.24 1,114.38 818.48 511.51
Profit After Tax 8.52 21.07 11.33 0.69
Net Worth 101.76 93.20 71.97 60.49
Total Borrowing 160.27 126.83 106.07 58.74
Amount in ? Crore

Objects of the Issue

The net proceeds of the Issue less the issue-related expenses (Net Proceeds) are proposed to be utilised in the following manner:

  1. Funding of working capital requirements of the company; and
  2. General corporate purposes.

How to Apply

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  • Step 05 :

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